Heather (uppity_woman) wrote in cant_breastfeed,


i'm heather. my son ian is 18 months now. he was born about a month early, due to my severe pre ecclampsia. because of his low birthweight, and the fact that it took my milk 4 days to come in, we really didn't have any choice but to supplement. we tried to breastfeed for a month, and a total of 2 latches that entire time. i pumped for 2 months till my milk ran out. he had some other reflux problems, and pyloric stenosis, so the biggest concern was just getting food into him. it was very hard for me, i had planned to breastfeed for at least a year. there is always next time, right? now he is a happy healthy toddler, and we are just glad to have him! my inlaws are pains about the fact that i didn't bf, they are sure it is just laziness or feminism on my part, lol!
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