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cant_breastfeed's Journal

Unable to Breastfeed
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The purpose of this community is to support mothers who were or are unable to exclusively breastfeed their children. There are many reasons women may be unable to breastfeed, including medical issues with either the mother or the child, lactation issues, infants who do not latch on, etc. Moms in these situations may find they have to explain their decisions to friends, family members, and total strangers. Moms may experience all kinds of feelings because of this issue. This is a place to talk about those feelings.

Topics for this community include, but are not limited to:

* Feelings about not being able to breastfeed
* Types of bottlefeeding equipment...bottles, nipples, breast pumps, etc.
* Issues surrounding formula

The rules are simple. Be respectful of one another and the parenting choices of the members. Pictures of babies are welcomed and encouraged, but please keep them 640x480 or smaller, or put them behind an lj-cut.

As an introduction, when you join, please post a little about yourself, such as:

* The age(s) of your child(ren)
* How you feed/fed your children as infants--pumped breastmilk, formula, etc.
* Reasons why you couldn't/chose not to breastfeed